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There is always something interesting to do for guests staying at Parador Hotel in Chefchaouen, whether they want to learn more about the area’s culture or enjoy the beautiful surroundings. A plethora of options catering to all tastes makes every stay nice and memorable.

Some of the activities one can engage in, or around the hotel include:

  • Chefchaouen exploration: Named “Blue Pearl,” the city is a photographer’s paradise. Alternatively, guided tours of the city are informative and can include a visit to the Kasbah Museum located at the heart of the Medina, where artifacts provide a story of the area. Guests can browse around the hotels, shopping in shops that stock craftwork and souvenirs, and enjoy the courtesy of hundreds of vendors.
  • Walking and hiking: There are numerous walking and hiking trails around Chefchaouen due to the numerous historical features and the nearby beauty of the Rif Mountains. Trails range from mildly challenging to challenging, and all are rewarding as they give fantastic views around the city and across the numerous valleys.
  • Moroccan cuisine: Parador provides tourists with an opportunity to partake in Moroccan cuisine cooking. Traditional dishes like Couscous and Tajine are prepared from local produce and using traditional methods.
  • Cultural workshops: Workshops on traditional crafts such as pottery and textiles are also provided to tourists.
  • Spa time: After a long day, tourists can unwind at the indoor spa located within the hotel where traditional Moroccan therapies are provided. One of the most famous is the local Hammam steam bath which is quite a way of life for their citizens. Other sessions include yoga to rest and a massage room.
  • Day trips: Parador also offers day trips to see Akchour Falls which are suitable for picnics. We also visit Talassemtane National Park and have a look at their rich and hospitable ecosystem.
  • Stargazing: Due to its low light pollution levels and altitude, Morocco has a clear sky that makes it suitable to have stargazing nights. We can have a hotel’s telescope set for stargazing nights or visit local lucrative astronomers.